When I Listen to God

 ‘My God-Hunger-Cry’ Prayer for Feb. 21 

 “When I listen to God
With one-pointed resolve,
God’s Eye and Heart
All my problems solve.”

                Sri Chinmoy

The omniscient Vision of the Supreme, or `God’s Eye’, and the all-
encompassing Compassion of God’s Heart know exactly what we need in
our life. We can pray to God and feel that He listens to our prayers,
which he does, but we may not know always what is best for us or how
to solve some of our problems. If we listen with one-pointed resolve,
which is another way of defining spiritual meditation, then we make
ourselves receptive to His all-seeing Vision and Compassion which can
then be more effective in solving our problems the way they should be.

This reminds me of one of my favorite poems by Sri Chinmoy which I use
as a prayer quite often, especially when there are difficult problems
or needs. It is from one of the earlier `Twenty-Seven Thousand
Aspiration-Plants’ series of poems started in 1983. It goes:

“My Supreme Lord,
You are my real Friend.
I do not have to ask You for anything,
For You know all my needs.”

This can increase one’s faith in the Supreme and at the same time make
us feel that the Supreme is the highest form of Intelligence which
pervades everything. If this Intelligence can create such an amazing
reality as this Universe and sustain all the life in it, then it
should be easy for us to believe and realize that It, or He or She,
can easily solve our little personal problems and needs.


Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group


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