What else matters save love

“What else matters save love,
Within, without, below, above.”

                     Sri Chinmoy

 My ‘God-Hunger-Cry’ prayer for Thursday, Feb. 2.


Sri Chinmoy’s prayers are so powerfully mantric in quality. They give
me the most joy when I try to dive deep into them by “using” them –
then they act like seeds. (Sri Chinmoy probably also gets the
greatest joy when his myriad of offerings to the world are not simply
appreciated, but “used”, be it poems, songs etc.)

By repeating them inwardly, in silence, during the day, and maybe in
addition saying them out loud, e.g. 3-7 times before or after
meditation, they can unfold their meaning in one’s heart, grow into a
deeper and vaster inner experience and transmit an inner power – the
way the life-force in a seed is awakened and gradually grows into a
new plant- and flower-reality when the seed is watered regularly.

I tried this especially with today’s “love”- prayer – on my bus ride,
at work, when dealing with people, on the bus back – and it was
great! (With yesterday’s prayer, my mind was operating more, although
the melody of “Nayane nayane” kept resonating inside me while I was
running and doing other things.)

It made me intensely aware of how often other things seem so very
important – to oneself and to many other people, to the world – like
earning money, being right, having success, finding fault with the
world, saving one’s face, catering to one’s ego, being appreciated,
getting a good seat – but, as a matter of fact, there is only one
thing that really matters, and that is love.

To be able to feel love and act from a heart of love changes the
world around us – and turns a begger into a king. All the world’s
problems would be cured, if everyone could “be” this
poem, “cultivate” this poem.

From another angle, this prayer is like a love-diamond. Unpolished a
diamond looks very unsuspecting, even if you know it’s a diamond. But
when you start polishing it, it starts to offer its radiance and
light, pure and effulgent – within, without, below and above…

With gratitude for the myriads of diamonds Sri Chinmoy is offering


  • Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group