Strange is our life

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‘My God-Hunger-Cry’ prayer for Tuesday, Jan. 31

“Strange is our life here on earth,
Here birth is death, death is birth.”

Sri Chinmoy


Sometimes the shorter poems are the most profound and at the same time
most difficult to interpret. I would look at this in two ways:
First, we can think of our spiritual birth as the death of ignorance and vice versa.

We can perhaps interpret it also as birth meaning taking a body on this earth and then having to face the challenges of
ignorance in the outer world and then being freed from it all when we die.

I prefer the first approach. If anyone has any other more illumining
insights please share it with us. Sri Chinmoy’s poetry, even the
shortest ones, can be so thought provoking and at the same time
require a ‘no thought, clear mind’ meditation to really grasp the
essence and meaning. Not unlike a Zen koan.

by: Arpan

originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group

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