A Shoreless Shore

 ‘My God-Hunger-Cry’ Prayer for Feb. 13

 “Alas, alas,
We come and go!
To a shoreless shore
Our boats we row!”

         – Sri Chinmoy

Just imagine yourself out in the middle of a vast sea in a small boat
propelled only by your own efforts rowing with two oars. You cannot
sea any land and you are thirsty and hungry. You have a limited supply
of food and water which will eventually run out, but for the time
being you are satisfied and happy. As time goes on and the food supply
goes down and you get tired from rowing without land in sight, you may
start to worry a bit. Perhaps frustration, fear and even panic may set
in. It is a vast sea with no security, no assurance of safety as you
row in an undetermined direction. You may even change directions to
see if that helps, but without the vision of land and safety, life
becomes quite frustrating and futile.

Without a higher goal, a spiritual goal and purpose, this happens to
us all the time. We are rowing, we are putting effort into our lives,
but we seem to be getting nowhere fast if we do not have a Real goal,
a goal based on the Higher Reality. The sustenance and fulfillment
from our worldly pursuits is only limited and will eventually run out.
Since we have no vision or understanding of the true Reality beyond
this limited view at the present time, it may be a good idea to find
others who have found a way and a pilot to show us that way and help
us along the path, even feed us so we do not perish on the long and
arduous journey.

But many of us just `come and go’ back and forth, to and fro, in this
life or even from lifetime to lifetime with no real goals beyond the
worldly desires we call achievements. One would wonder why we do this
even though we eventually become frustrated and unfulfilled. Alas,
alas, this is the question of questions. Perhaps we can change the
answer here and now by our determined efforts to search for the goal
and the Way to the goal, the Real Goal, the Supreme. Let’s try
together and we will certainly arrive safely and happily.