‘My God-Hunger-Cry Prayer’ for Feb.10

“First needed,
And then,


I think this is clear to most people who have had experience with
meditation. One of the first things we learn is to focus the mind by
concentrating on one point, image, or concept with minimal or no
thought. Once the mind is calm and quiet we will naturally begin to
expand our consciousness.

This is the beginning of meditation which is just a natural state of
expanding our consciousness and eventually to experience our natural
state of immensity, or our expanded spiritual consciousness. It seems
so simple and logical, but concentration and focus with our sometimes
restless and unruly mind can be at times a real challenge. Once we can
get our mind under control and quiet, the rest happens gradually and

Just as with trying to accomplish anything in life, focus and
concentration are a prerequisite and a necessary first step. So it is
also with meditation whose goal is way beyond the realm of worldly
thought and the limited understanding of the mind.