The Same Mistakes

 ‘My God-Hunger-Cry’ Poem for Feb. 23  

“What forces us
To make the same mistakes, life after life?
None other than
Our cherished ignorance-night-knife.”
                              Sri Chinmoy

Even in this life we get frustrated when we make the same mistakes
over and over.Yet some of the mistakes we have been making are older
than just this lifetime.When we cherish ignorance, we cannot conquer
it. Therefore it conquers us by making us powerless in avoiding some
of the same mistakes.

It seems that the whole problem lies in cherishing this ignorance
instead of making more determined efforts to conquer it through our
own disciplines and devotion to our highest Supreme Goal. Sri
Chinmoy’s inspiration through his writings and all of his creative
activities and soulful spiritual guidance offer us many ways to
finally conquer ignorance and stop making the same mistakes.

In `My Daily Heart-Blossoms’ by Sri Chinmoy, he states:
“As soon as you have conquered a difficulty, you will find that it
repeats itself on a higher and subtler level. It is the same essential
weakness in yourself which you are made to face in a more refined
form….Why do you have to accept defeat, or let us say, failure-life?
No, you can be more disciplined, more active, more dynamic, more
sincere to reach your goal. And today’s goal you will transcend tomorrow…”


Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group