Today I fight

 “My God-Hunger-Cry” Prayer for Feb. 28

 “Today I fight
Against ignorance-night.
Tomorrow I shall dance
In God’s Victory-Delight.”

Again, just repeating this prayer inwardly or aloud and meditating on
it is a most powerful mantra-weapon against ignorance-night.

And yet there is so much that could be said about it, after
meditating on it. The Indian scriptures come to mind, where it is
said that “the soul cannot be won be the weakling”. Just reading the
prayer gives us renewed strength and courage to never give up, to not
succumb to ignorance or surrender to the sometimes suffocating veil
of ignorance, in spite of constant, daily ignorance-attacks from
inside and outside ourselves.

Just to emphasize that the prayer is about an inner and not an outer
fight, I would like to quote again some of Sri Chinmoy’s own words.

FF 9206. To Fight Heroically
Do you want to fight heroically
Against the ignorance-giant?
Then be happy!

from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 93

FF 22416.
When we are self-giving
God helps us fight
Against ignorance-night
Before it starts.

from Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 23

FF 644. I Fight My Ignorance-Night
As a fire department
Fights fire
Not with fire
But with water,
Even so,
I fight my ignorance-night
Not with my ignorance-night,
But with my meditation-light.

from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 7

And answering a practical question about how to protect oneself in
everyday working life, Sri Chinmoy answered:

“… You conquer ignorance by inundating it with your inner Light and
On the outer plane you may be quite cordial, friendly and
sympathetic, but on the inner plane you have to be very strong
always. You have to remember that right now you are a tiny, fragile
plant which can be easily destroyed. But you do have the power within
you to create a protective barrier between yourself and your
associates, a power to fight ignorance. This power, which is in the
form of Peace, Light or Bliss, you get from your meditation…”

Excerpt from Flame Waves, Part 3

“While struggling against falsehood, inertia, darkness, imperfection,
limitation and bondage, he (the seeker) is bound to feel a kind of
inner joy, provided he is struggling sincerely…
If we are wholeheartedly trying, then our divine qualities are bound
to increase. It is the divine qualities within us that are inspiring
us to fight against teeming ignorance. So how can they desert us when
it is they who have asked us to fight? If we are really making a
sincere spiritual struggle, then we are not going to lose our divine
qualities. On the contrary, our inner qualities will increase in
boundless measure.”

Excerpt from My Meditation-Service At The United Nations For 25 Years

In oneness

Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group