What Matters Save Love

 “What else matters save love,
Within, without, below, above.”

                    Sri Chinmoy

One can speak volumes about love and still not do it justice. It is
therefore difficult to comment on such an all-encompassing prayer as
this one which seems to say everything in two short lines.
To complement the importance and power of love I would like to refer
to a passage from a talk in Sri Chinmoy’s `Everest-Aspiration’ series.
In the talk titled `My Lifelong Friends’, he says, “Purity is my
lifelong friend. My purity friend has secretly told me that love in
the only force, the illumining force, the fulfilling force, the
supreme force.”

Also, as is written on the home page of this Inspiration website, Sri
Chinmoy says,

“When the power of love replaces the love of power, man
will have a new name:

Love, pure love, divine love indeed embodies God’s highest reality and
brings humanity, man and woman, to realize our own divine reality.


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Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group