Poem on Greatness and Goodness

 ‘My God-Hunger-Cry’ Prayer for April 2nd

“My greatness does not last
My goodness does.
My goodness is God’s Joy,
God’s Pride and plus.”

Sri Chinmoy

Julius Cesar versus Mother Teresa, mind and vital versus heart and soul – in this world greatness very often seems to be more important than goodness. But strangely enough, it is always the goodness of people that really touches us, and our own goodness that really
satisfies us. Often we can feel that even as spiritual seekers we – i.e. our mind and vital – may be attracted to the idea of doing something “great” or of being “great”. Whereas our heart by nature is drawn to goodness and selflessness. Greatness and goodness definitely
can go together (like in the case of the Norwegian national trainer at the Winter Olympics), but if goodness is sacrificed or starved for the sake of greatness, neither God or our Inner Pilot, nor our own heart and soul will be happy and proud of us, which means, we will
never be integrally happy. Greatness alone is not only ephemeral but also barren. On the other hand, goodness alone may even turn into
greatness – see Mother Teresa!

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Originally posted by Vasanti on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group