Poem – My Self Giving Life

My God-Hunger-Cry’ Prayer for March 26

My self-giving life
God needs.
With Nectar-Delight
He feeds.

Sri Chinmoy


Just to repeat the first line of this prayer-poem gives me a thrill
in my heart.

So often we may feel in our mind that God is far away from us,
hidden, or at least aloof, indifferent, not caring particularly.

This prayer, however, gives us an experience of sweetest intimacy. To
feel that God, the Source of our life, actually needs my “little”
life, that He may be incomplete without a certain quality of my life –
what an inspiration and encouragement to develop it!

Certainly He does not need my self-centered life, because in a self-
centred life – which is ubiquitous today – God is superfluous, out of
the picture, non-existent. But in our life of self-giving, where we
do whatever we may be doing not for personal gain or from personal
motives, but with an attitude of selfless service and with a
readiness to serve and give unconditionally, we become God’s partner
here on earth, needed to help manifest His Divinity, His
Vision and His infinite Wealth fully. Without me and my self-giving
life a petal of the flower that He is in the process of unfolding is

At the same time, God, like a loving mother or father, wants to share
His wealth with us, his seeker-children, to feed and strenghten us.
If I try to snatch something from God on my own, my hands may be to
small to hold it. However, in giving myself, the inner vessel of my
heart opens and expands and I am able to receive from God what he is
only eager to share with me – His most precious treasue, His
sweetest, most fullfilling and nourishing “andanda” – His Nectar-
Delight, to make us grow and glow. Indeed, this may be the
best “bargain” a spiritual seeker can get!

As I am writing this post, listening to the CD of Sri Chinmoy’s Royal
Albert Hall concert, a poem that Sri Chinmoy recites during the
concert strikes me:

“There are countless exercises.
The most difficult excercise
Is self-giving.”

In oneness

Again some more of Sri Chinmoy’s own words:

“Amrta – Nectar-delight:
Self-giving is today’s nectar-delight.
God-becoming is tomorrow’s

The Core Of India’s Light, Part 3

Your mind is unready;
Your body is asleep.
God’s Nectar-Delight
How can you drink deep?

from Silence Speaks, Part 5