I Die For the fulfilment of my needs

 ‘My God-Hunger-Cry’ Poem for Feb. 22

I die
For the fulfilment of my needs.
God dies
For the perfection of my deeds.

                    Sri Chinmoy

Here the word `die’ is not to be taken literally. Those who do not
speak English as a first language may not understand the use of the
word `die’ in this context.Instead of seeing it as a physical death or
cessation of life, it is used in more of a dramatic way to emphasize
much effort and intensity in striving for something.

In this case it seems that we put all our effort into fulfilling our
needs, whereas God or the Highest Supreme Truth is always striving for
perfection. In our actions we must also feel the need for perfection
because that is what God’s own Reality is, and we are part and parcel
of it.

I am sure more rays of inspiration can be derived from this poem and
it is always encouraging when others offer their own interpretations
or additions to these sublime poems, such as Vasanti has done.