Manifestation Privileges

“I have come to learn
Something very new:
God gives to very few.”

– Sri Chinmoy

A beautiful prayer that can make us more aware and grateful for
the opportunity, for example, to share on this inspiration site.

It reminded me immediately of another poem by Sri Chinmoy:

FF 847. A Supreme Truth

A soulful heart
Has discovered a supreme truth:
To meditate on God
Is a privilege
And not a duty.

from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 9

Equally, manifestation is not a duty but a privileged gift which has
to be used (as: talent not used, is talent not possessed), and like
every gift, it will eventually give abundant joy – to the users and
the “end-users”.

I am sure most of you know this song which also applies to the
inspiration group:

“God-manifestation teamwork
Is infinitely better and happier
Than any other teamwork.”

There is another song – for still sleeping manifesters – that builds
a perfect bridge to yesterday’s “ignorance-night-knife”-prayer:

“Wake Up, My Sleeping God Manifestation-life.
You and I shall smash asunder ignorance-knife.”

Interestingly, the spiritual names of many disciples include some
aspect of aspiration. Only few, however, have “manifestation” in
their names. This, however, does not mean the others are not meant
for manifestation.

In fact, Sri Chinmoy always stresses that aspiration and
dedication/manifestation have to go together, they are like two wings
of a bird, needed to soar high. There is no genuine manifestation
without sincere aspiration. And again, Sri Chinmoy also says

“Sincere aspiration itself
Is God-manifestation…”

Excerpt from Dedication Drops

There are many ways of manifesting the Light of the Supreme – even
small ways, like being kind to your fellow human brothers and sisters.

But what about the “very few” endowed with manifestation-privileges,
as today’s prayer says?

There may be two interpretations:
First, among billions of people on this earth, there are only a small
percentage of consciously aspiring seekers.
Second, out of these aspiring seekers, only a small number may have
received special manifestation capacities – like a “lion-roar”.

For example, Sri Chinmoy loves to talk about Swami Vivekananda and
Sri Ramakrishna. Sri Ramakrishna had the loftiest spiritual hight,
which Vivekandana never reached. But Vivekananda was a lion-
manifester and served humanity in this way much more powerful than
Sri Ramakrishna. I remember once in Japan, after we came back from
the Harmony Run (it still had its old name at that time) from
Nagasaki, Guru gave a long talk again about Vivekananda and
Ramakrishna. Guru compared them to trees – one very high, touching
the sky, the other, Vivekananda, very broad and solid, reaching out
to humanity.

Here an excerpt from: “Vivekananda The Wonder-Warrior” with a quote
from Sri Aurobindo:

Sri Ramakrishna’s unstinting Grace and Naren’s volcanic Will combined
to create Vivekananda, who created a commotion all over the world.
The never-to-be-forgotten words of Sri Aurobindo run:
*…the Master marked out Vivekananda as the heroic soul destined to
take the world between his two hands and change it.”
Vivekananda came into the world in an age seething with rank
materialism. Spiritual values were at a discount. He held the mighty
torch of spirituality high. Exceptional was his clarion call to lead
the life of the Spirit. The soul-stirring message of Sri Ramakrishna
was embodied in him, in this lion amongst men. And as regards the
message of India to the world, “Remember,” declares Vivekananda, “not
the Soul for Nature, but Nature for the Soul.”


And, last not least, an excerpt in which Sri Chinmoy very explicitly
says that on his path aspiration and manifestation go together:

“Question: Is manifestation necessary for the spiritual aspirants who
follow your path?
Sri Chinmoy: Some people do not agree with us that aspiration and
manifestation can go together. If they don’t believe us, then I have
to remain millions of miles away from them. If an individual says he
does not believe in manifestation, that he believes only in
aspiration, then he is not following my philosophy. If any of my
disciples feel that they want only realisation and not manifestation,
I wish to say that realisation is helpless without manifestation.
They go together. Some people are more than eager and anxious to
manifest, but a few have a wrong conception of our spiritual life.
Let us feel always that aspiration and manifestation not only can but
must go together. Like the right eye and the left eye, they both are
needed. When both eyes function properly we can see the world. If one
eye is defective, then we are half blind. Take aspiration and
manifestation in that light. One eye is aspiration, the other eye is
manifestation. We need both in order to be complete.”

From: Realisation-Soul And Manifestation-Goal

With gratitude


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