God’s Victory Monument

My God Hunger Cry Poem 18th February

“With my heart’s every aspiration-moment,
I build God’s Victory-monument.”

  Sri Chinmoy

It is in the very present moment, the here and now, that the future
abides. If we live each moment with aspiration, with the conscious
inner cry to reach the Highest, then the future will be divinely
successful. In the book of soulful talks by Sri Chinmoy called
`Everest- Aspiration’, he says, “…I have failed because I have
neglected my second-life, I have wasted my minute-life, and I have
ignored my hour-life. From now on, in each second-life of mine I shall
see a reality-existence of ten years. In each minute life of mine I
shall see a reality-existence of forty years, and in each hour-life of
mine I shall see a reality-existence of a hundred years…”

Here we see that every second, every minute and every hour in our life
are extremely valuable in building a better world of light and love
and peace: `God’s Victory-monument’. Just as a great building or
monument is built in the physical world one brick or one bolt at a
time, so each moment, each second, is an important and valuable
contribution to the success of the future accomplishments of each
human being.

This poem, along with the Everest-Aspiration talk called `I am in
Preparation’, powerfully and convincingly remind us of how every
moment of our life is valuable and important in either building a new
and better future or failing in our purpose of our life on this very
special planet at this very crucial time.