My Good Days

 ‘My God-Hunger-Cry’ Prayer for Feb. 15

 “My good days
And God’s good days,
Yet to be bloomed.
I must act like God
Not to feel doomed.”

            Sri Chinmoy

Reflecting optimism and hope for the future, this poem gives us the
secret of overcoming any hardships or difficulties of the past or
present. In identifying with God and even emulating God, we can live a
happy and hopeful life without the feeling of futility or `doom’. For
those who are not familiar with the word, `doom’ means an inevitable
destruction or ruin, a tragic fate. If we act like God, or identify
with our Highest Reality represented by our soul in this body, we do
not have to suffer a tragic fate, no matter how much failure we have
experienced in the past.

That is what is so uplifting and optimistic about Sri Chinmoy’s
approach to spirituality: it is always going in a positive direction
with joy, hope and promise; never with fear or a sense of hopelessness
or doom. Good days are always ahead as we search for God and feel his
Blessings. Why settle for anything less?

Posted by Arpan to Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group