Nothing to Say

My God Hunger Cry March 18, 2006

Nothing to say,
Nothing to say.
For God’s Victory
I sleeplessly pray.

Sri Chinmoy


No words to add – except Guru’s own illumining words:


“Just like the seekers of the hoary past, the present-day seekers are
all longing for oneness-nest. Inside each and every seeker is a soul-
bird, and this soul-bird inside us has been singing throughout
Eternity for the establishment of oneness-nest, which is God’s
supreme Victory here on earth.”

from a lecture at Buchman Hall, New York, in “My Heart’s Peace-

Question: What can I do to make God happiest?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to pray to God to give you the capacity to sing
at every moment God’s Victory. Even if God has not given you right
now the capacity to pray for His Victory all the time, the fact that
you are willing and eager to pray for God’s constant Victory will
give you joy. So even if you cannot pray or meditate for hours for
God’s Victory, no harm. The fact that you are eager and willing to
pray for God’s Victory will make God extremely happy.

from Sri Chinmoy Answers, Part 14


And an excerpt of another amazing poem written for the month of March
1985, for the full version please click:

“A sleepless self-giver
Is another name
For God’s Victory-Banner.
A sleepless self-giver
Is God’s Victory-Banner-carrier.
A sleepless self-giver
Is God’s Dream-fulfiller.
– Sri Chinmoy