Poem on Entertainment-Enlightenment

My Lord tells me:
“Stop your outer entertainment.”
My Lord tells me:
“Start you inner enlightenment.”

                     Sri Chinmoy

I think we can all see this reality everywhere we look in most of the
technologically developed world. It seems that entertainment is
offered everywhere many times as a way to forget why we are actually
on this earth and what we truly are striving for in this incredible
experience of being human.

I am sure much more can be said in regards to this illumining poem.
There is a book Sri Chinmoy has written called, ‘Entertainment vs.
which can be found in the srichinmoylibrary link.

– Arpan

Related Poem

The enlightenment of a seeker’s life
Is nothing other than  
A very pleasant entertainment  
In God’s Heart-Garden.

 Excerpt from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 98 by Sri Chinmoy.