Poem – My Every Heart Beat

 ‘My God-Hunger-Cry’ Prayer for March 7

 “I am all thrill
When God arrives.
On every Smile of His
My every heart-breath thrives.”

                           Sri Chinmoy

It is obvious from this poem that God is referred to here as the
source of joy, happiness, and `thrill’. The image of a beautiful smile
and the life-energy which it brings to feed our `heart-breath’ is
something that may people may not have imagined when they think of God
or try to define the word God.
It brings to mind an ancient mantra or prayer from the Vedas, India’s
spiritual scriptures from thousands of years ago. This mantra is:

“From Delight
We came into existence.
In Delight we grow.
At the end of our journey’s close,
Into Delight we shall retire.”

If we can have that kind of attitude towards the Creator, or God, and
see our spiritual life as a source of the deepest joy and delight,
then we can understand the positive and joyous message that Sri
is trying to bring us in so many creative ways. This daily
prayer embodies that very delightful and positive perception and
experience of God on a very personal level.


Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group