All that is Mine, is Thine

My Lord, all that is mine is Thine.
“My child, you are, indeed, all divine.”

                          Sri Chinmoy


These two lines again embody the essence of our identity with the
Creator and all that we think we possess, which are His creations as
well. In the talk, `Divine Gifts’ from the book, Everest Aspiration,
by Sri Chinmoy, he explains this concept even further in relation to

He says, … “If you can dance devotedly and soulfully inside your
gratitude-heart, then all the divine gifts that you have received are
bound to increase. Something more: you will not only get blessingful
and fruitful gifts from Him, but also you will get the Creator and the
Possessor of the gifts, the Supreme Himself. He who created the gifts
and gave them to you is more than ready and eager to be claimed by
you. He wants you to claim His possessions as your own, very own. And
once you have claimed His possessions as your own, He will come and
stand before you and say, “My child, you have accepted My gifts, which
are My creations. I am so pleased with you. Now accept Me. I am all

by: Arpan 4th Feb 2006

Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group


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