God, My Lord

 “God, my Lord,
I adore You, I adore!
“My child, happily,
I endure you, I endure.”

                   Sri Chinmoy

This poem can be at once quite simple to understand and at the same
time perhaps a bit too deep to really understand. It seems to be a
contradiction that we say we adore God, our Lord, and he answers that
he happily endures us. One way of looking at this is that we adore
God, but in not actually identifying with Him, with our Lord, we will
take a long time to realize Him. God says that happily He endures us.
Perhaps He is happy because we adore Him, yet His endurance comes
because He has to wait so long for us to actually realize Him and
identify with Him.

In the talk called, `Spirituality’ in the book `Everest-Aspiration’,
Sri Chinmoysays, “Finally, spirituality says to the body, “O body,
how long will you sleep? Don’t you know that you have been sleeping
from time immemorial? It is because of your ignorance-sleep that the
rest of the members of your family are not able to reach the Golden
Shore, the destined Goal. O body, sleep not! Awake, arise! The rest of
the members of your family will run faster than the fastest the moment
you become active and dynamic and cast aside the shackles of

He refers to `rest of your family’ as the vital, mind, heart and soul.
This is just one way of looking at such fascinating poem. If anyone
has another view of it please share it with us.


Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group