Poem about Mistakes

 ‘My God-Hunger-Cry’ Prayer for March 4

 “Everybody makes mistakes.
Some confess, while others do not.
Those who confess immediately
By new mistakes are rarely caught.”

                                  Sri Chinmoy

This is a very practical poem for those of us who know we are far from
perfect yet. To admit our mistakes to ourselves, to our soul, and not
necessarily in a confessional booth but rather in our heart of
sincerity, can be the most difficult yet wisest thing to do.

When we are in the state of consciousness that has the vision to see
our mistakes in a higher light, then this consciousness should protect
us from making further mistakes. We need the inner strength to do this
as we are sometimes helpless as humans in a worldly consciousness to
be strong enough to keep from making the same mistakes even when we
realize that they are mistakes.

This short yet simple poem is yet another example of Sri Chinmoy’s
very deep wisdom expressed in a simple rhyming form. This is my own
personal interpretation without any other references to related themes
in Sri Chinmoy’s or other’s writings. I am sure some people will be
able to reference this important and common theme to many other
sources, but this poem seems to say it all.


Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group