Poem Delight

 “My God-Hunger-Cry” Prayer for March 23

“Delight, delight,
Cancelled forever
My ignorance-flight!”

Sri Chinmoy

My ignorance-flight is definitely not quite cancelled yet –
experiences of nectar-delight, of floods of “ananda” may momentarily
or temporarily release us from ignorance or transport us to a realm
beyond ignorance, offering us a glimpse of the highest Consciousness
of “Sat-Chit-Ananda”, but to remain immersed in it and find complete
liberation and illumination, on all levels of existence – body,
vital, mind, heart and soul – is a very high goal indeed!

Sri Chinmoy, however, feels that this goal can be attained and even is
bound to be attained eventually by each one of us, by each seeker,
each human being. Repeating today’s prayer and meditating on it
awakens the reality of nectar-delight in our hearts, bringing the
goal closer into the immediacy of today.

There is a beautiful song by Sri Chinmoy with almost the same
message: “Namiche aj ananda”,one of my favourite songs and the first
song by Sri Chinmoy I ever heard. I remember Pravaha singing it to us
during a seeker evening in Heidelberg at the end of a long silent
meditation. I had no idea what the Bengali words meant at that time,
but it touched me deeply and the inner experience was very close to
the meaning of the words. This is the translation:

“Today, the flood of delight
Inundates me, my all.
All my bondage shackles
Are smashed and broken.
No more heart pangs,
No more darkness life.”

Another beautiful and encouraging related poem I found on the Poet-
seer website:

There Was A Time

There was a time
   When I
Was a dreamer of dreams.
But now I am a lover of realities.

There was a time
   When I
Killed God with my venom-doubts.
But now I kill God
With my love-fire.

There was a time
   When I
Was ignorant of the life of nectar-sea
But now I have become
Within and without
Infinity’s Nectar-Sea”

– Sri Chinmoy
From: The Dance of Life