My Heart’s only teacher

My God Hunger Cry Poem – March 14

I know my heart’s only teacher
Is my Lord’s Golden Eye.
This Eye teaches my heart
How to fly in Infinity’s Sky.

Sri Chinmoy


Again, similar to a Zen-koan, this prayer uses words to point to an
experience beyond words, or rather, to evoke it. “My Lord’s Golden
Eye” does not teach by words – as the eye needs light to see, God,
teaching through his Golden Eye of Vision, teaches and communicates
the inner knowlege (vidya) through Light. The mind may have plenty of
other teachers, but the spiritual heart has only one – a divine
teacher. And what is the inner teaching about? Not about facts or
knowledge to be possessed, but about oneness, compassion, universal
love – release from earthly burdens and limitations, about expansion,
vastness, transcendence of the finite.

Sri Chinmoy often stresses that he is not the Guru (although his
students call him affectionately and reverently by that name which
means “teacher” and “bringer of light” or “the one who chases
darkness – avidya – away”), the real Guru is the Supreme. The human
guru is only a humble and devoted instrument and messenger of God,
the Lord Supreme, and like an elder brother to a seeker. However, his
help in leading a seeker to God, in showing him where to find the
Supreme, can be immeasurable.

The deepest or highest spiritual teaching through a human guru is
always silent teaching. Through the silent gaze of a true and pure
spiritual master, when he (or she) is in deep inner communion with
the Highest, the “golden” i.e. divine Light of the Supreme flows
directly into the heart of the receptive aspiring seeker, revealing
inner secrets to him without words, awakening the heart from its
earth-bound darkness-slumber and making it vast and infinite.

grateful student

Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group