I Love at Once my Lord and Man

“My God-Hunger-Cry” Prayer for March 20

“I love at once my Lord and man.
This is, indeed, my God-fulfilled plan.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Again, the best comments to this prayer may be words by Sri Chinmoy

7848. To Love Man Unreservedly

To love man unreservedly
Is to discover God in one’s own heart
Immediately plus unconditionally.

and from an excerpt from “The Inner Hunger”:

“Divine love is the expansion of our consciousness. The very nature
of divine love is to expand, expand, expand and become one with all
that it touches. The more we expand ourselves, the sooner we feel the
Universal Consciousness as our very own. And when we feel the
Universal Consciousness as our very own, at that time we become the
Universal Self.

It is through love that we can expand our consciousness faster than
any other way. So if we really want to expand ourselves, then
consciously we have to make an effort to love the world. When we love
the world, we have to know that God and humanity cannot be separated.
No spiritual person will dare to say that he loves God but not
humanity. If anyone says, “I love only God and not humanity,” then
rest assured that he is not really a spiritual person. A spiritual
person loves humanity precisely because God is inside humanity. God
was one; then He decided to play the Game of infinite forms and
shapes in and through us. He is the root and humanity represents the
branches and leaves. The root cannot be separated from the rest of
the tree. Creator and creation go together…”