Everything of Mine

My God Hunger Cry Poem – Feb 25th

Everything of mine
I place at my Lord’s Feet.
Everything of His
My Lord wants me to meet.

Today on the bus I started reading the chapter “The Path” from “The
Hour of God” by Sri Aurobindoand was immediately struck by its
connection with today’s prayer.

It seemed to me, what Sri Chinmoy expresses in only four devotional
mantric lines, from a God-lover’s bhakti angle, Sri Aurobindo
describes from a jnani perspective which helped me widen and deepen
my understanding of today’s prayer.

In my own short words: the prayer is about our complete and integral
surrender to God, so that God, the Divine, can give Himself totally
to us, decend into us and we can receive Him in all His aspects – for
His Manifestation and our transformation.

The Path (by Sri Aurobindo)

The supramental Yoga is at once an ascent towards God and a descent
of Godhead into the embodied nature.

The ascent can only be achieved by a one-centred all-gathering upward
aspiration of the soul and mind and life and body; the descent can
only come by a call of the whole being towards the infinite and
eternal Divine. If this call and this aspiration are there, or if by
any means they can be born and grow constantly and seize all the
nature, then and then only a supramental uplifting and transformation
becomes possible.

The call and the aspiration are only first conditions; there must be
along with them and brought by their effective intensity an opening
of all the being to the Divine and a total surrender.

This opening is a throwing wide of all the nature on all its levels
and in all its parts to receive into itself without limits the
greater divine Consciousness wich is there already above and behind
and englobing this mortal half-conscious existence.

In the receiving there must be no inability to contain, no breaking
down of anything in the system, mind or life or nerve or body under
the transmuting stress. There must be an endless receptivity, an
always increasing capacity to bear an ever stronger and more and more
insistent action of the divine Force. Otherwise nothing great and
permanent can be done; the Yoga will end in a break-down or an inert
stoppage or a stultifying or a disastrous arrest in a process which
must be absolute and integral if it is not to be a failure.

But since no human system has this endless receptivity and unfailing
capacity, the supramental Yoga can succeed only if the Divine Force
as it descends increases the personal power and equates the strength
that receives with the Force that enters from above to work in the
nature. This is only possible if there is on our part a progressive
surrender of the being into the hands of the Divine; there must be a
complete and never failing ascent, a courageous willingness to let
the Divine Power do with us whatever is needed for the work that has
to be done.

Man cannot by his own effort make himself more than man; the mental
being cannot by his own unaided force change himself into a
supremental spirit. A descent of the Divine Nature can alone divinise
the human receptacle…

From: Write Spirit.net

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In oneness

Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group