My God-Hunger-Cry-Prayer, March 3rd

 The poorest God-prayer:
“God, give me money-power.”
The richest emperor-prayer:
“God, my life take over.”

Although Sri Chinmoy has often said that heart-power is more
important than money-power, lack of funds can be a test of faith.
But there are plenty of beautiful stories around – like the recent
one from Israel – how faith finally led to everything working out
fine, often miraculously.

Money-power can be quite dangerous if we are not able to handle it
and use it in a spirtual way. Like a treacherous ocean current of
temptation, unnoticed in the beginning, it can slowly pull one far
away from spirituality, if the inner maturity is missing.

FF 7513. Undedicated Money-Power
Undedicated money-power
Is more dangerous
Than doubt-poison. – Sri Chinmoy

from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 76

There is a very inspiring booklet, I think by the Mother of the Sri
Aurobindo Ashram, in which the spiritual meaning and power of money
is explained in a beautiful way – with the gist that, eventually,
spirituality has to develop the capacity to use money-power wisely
for a divine purpose and not leave it to the “dark forces” of
desire, greed, power etc.

This is, in my view, one thing that Sri Chinmoy is trying to teach
us by inspiring us to do business (instead of retiring to cloistered
walls) and to use our money-power for many selfless causes and
spiritual purposes.

One time, when I was worring about money, I read the following poem
by Sri Chinmoy and it just made me smile from ear to ear:

FF 2259. Money-Power
The seekers can make
Very fast progress
If they have already discovered
The undeniable truth
That money-power
Is infinitely less significant
Than a speck of dust. – Sri Chinmoy

Excerpt from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 23


The 20th Century’s Success…
THE 20th Century’s success
Mostly depends on

THE 21st Century’s progress
Shall solely depend on

– Sri Chinmoy

from The New Millennium


May we all become the richest emperors!

Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group