Poems about Truth

Satyam eva jayate

“Truth alone triumphs.”

– The Upanishads

Poems on Truth

Love is Truth. Truth is Love.
With Love the Truth, man finds his place in the Heart of God.
With Truth the Love, God finds His place in the heart of man.

– Sri Chinmoy


You love Heaven.
This is a partial truth.
You love earth.
This is an inconceivable truth.
You love God.
This is an undeniable truth.
You love yourself.
This is the eternal truth.

– Sri Chinmoy


Truth never descends.
Truth never compromises.
Truth is satisfied only when
It sees everything and everyone
At its own Himalayan height.

– Sri Chinmoy

Writings on Truth

It is always advisable to speak the truth and to become the truth. But there are very rare occasions when truth cannot be applied on the practical plane of earth-consciousness. Let us say that on the spur of the moment I am assailed by wild anger and I tell someone that I am going to kill him. The next moment wisdom-sun dawns and I do not want to keep my promise, for then I will commit an unprecedented crime. In this case, if I fail to keep my promise, my soul and the other person’s soul will forgive me. But if I tell someone that I shall grant him realisation, or at least a soulful aspiration-cry, and if I fail to keep my promise, then my soul and the other person’s soul will not forgive me.

From Truth at Sri Chinmoy Library

“Truth is beauty. Beauty inspires a God-seeker to see God’s Face of eternal Beauty. Truth is peace. Peace inspires a God-seeker to feel God’s Heart of infinite Peace. Truth is power. Power inspires a God-seeker to watch God’s Eye of immortal Power. Truth is compassion. Compassion inspires a God-seeker to sit at God’s Feet of all-forgiving Compassion.

Truth frightens a weak mind in a human being. Truth enlightens a strong heart in a human being.

Truth nourishes the self-giving seekers. Truth treasures the God-realised souls.

Although man and truth are one, man cannot replace truth, but truth can easily replace man. How and why? Because man is by nature earth-bound and truth is always Heaven-free. Although truth and God are one, truth cannot replace God, but God can easily replace truth. How and why? Because truth is the creation. The creation cannot become inseparably one with the Creator at its sweet will. But the Creator can easily become inseparably one with His creation. Something more, the Creator can easily remain, eternally remain, infinitely higher than the creation’s reach. But out of His infinite Bounty, the Creator keeps Himself inseparably one, eternally one and-to our wide surprise unconditionally one with His creation.

From: ‘Truth Fountain Melody’ by Sri Chinmoy