Poems about God’s Justice

Selected poems on God’s Justice

From Sri Chinmoy’s book ‘God Is’



Today my Lord Supreme is telling me
That His Compassion
Is absolutely free of charge
And His Justice borders on indulgence.
I am all eagerness
To have them both
In abundant measure.


God’s Compassion
Forgives us.
God’s Justice
Illumines us.



My Lord Supreme,
You forgive me
And give me another chance,
Not because
I deserve forgiveness
But because
You want Your entire creation
To be absolutely perfect.



O fearful heart,
Do believe that God does not know
How to punish.
God knows only how to illumine
And thus satisfy His Eternity’s
Infinite Vision-Dreams.



Do not fear.
He who fears cannot stay near
God’s Compassion-Eye
And God’s Forgiveness-Feet.



If you open your heart,
You will feel that God
Can never be strict with you,
For His Compassion-Height
Is infinitely stronger
Than His Justice-Light.



Even when
God’s Justice descends,
It is accompanied by
His unseen Compassion.