Poems on Faith


Faith is wisdom.
Faith is power.
Faith is heart-fragrance.
Faith is the sun-child
Of the Beyond.

By: Sri Chinmoy (1)


With personal effort we start.
With personal faith we continue.
With divine faith we complete the game.
With supreme awareness of constant
In us and for us,
We eternally remain the chosen instruments
Of the Absolute Supreme
In His Heart of Divinity
In His Life of Infinity
In His Dream of Eternity

– Sri Chinmoy (2)


The flames of faith
I need
To walk along
The outer road.
The sun of faith
I need
To run the length of
The inner road.

– Sri Chinmoy (3)


(1) Excerpt from No Unreachable Goal by Sri Chinmoy

(2) Excerpt from Dedication-Drops by Sri Chinmoy.

(3) Excerpt from Europe-Blossoms by Sri Chinmoy.


Writings on Faith

by Sri Chinmoy

Who says you are wanting in faith? When you aspire, you have faith in God. When you desire, you have faith in yourself. When you deny the significance of your own existence, you have faith in the undivine. To be sure, you are always endowed with faith.

Excerpt from Aspiration-Plants by Sri Chinmoy.

What you call Faith I call the Soul’s foreknowledge of the Highest Truth. Faith tells the aspirant not only what God is but also what God can do for him at every moment. This faith is the aspirant’s living breath in God the Omniscient and God the Omnipotent.
See through the eye of Faith. You will see the Eternal Truth. Feel through the heart of Faith. You will feel the Immortal Truth.

Excerpt from Rainbow-Flowers by Sri Chinmoy.

photo: Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries