Aphorisms – Here And Now!


Here and Now
I have come to realise
That no human being
Can ever go beyond
God’s Compassion-Eye-Circle.

Here and Now
My heart must become
The rainbow-beauty
In the vastness-blue
Of enthusiasm-sky.

Here and Now
The miracle of miracles:
A cute smile of my eyes
Has brought God down
From the Ultimate Beyond

Here and Now
My heart shall learn
How to love
The heart of the world.

Here and Now
I must realise that love of God
Is my only religion,
My only spirituality
My only enlightenment.

Here and Now
I have come to realise
The difference between
My mind and my heart:
My mind delights in ignoring God;
My heart delights in seeking God.

When to start
My Godward journey?
Here and now!

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