Aphorisms on Aspiration

Aphorisms on Aspiration
by: Sri Chinmoy

What am I doing now?
I am proudly enjoying
My aspiration-heart’s
Soul-deep dive.

Is a very brave step
Into the Unknowable.

Aspiration-fire is immediate purification.
It powerfully purifies
The sleeping body,
The strangling vital
And the doubting mind.

When I am in my desiring mind,
I offer a very painful prayer to my Lord Supreme.
When I am in my aspiring heart,
My Beloved Supreme blesses me
Not only with a soulful meditation
But also with a fruitful satisfaction.

I have starved my desire-thoughts.
Therefore my aspiration-flames
Are climbing up very fast
And are about to touch
The Lotus-Feet of my Beloved Supreme.

If you really want
To make your desire-story short
Then start singing immediately
A long aspiration-song.

Do not lose your aspiration-heart!
If you lose your aspiration-heart,
Your frustration-mind
Will become larger than the largest.

Give your heart aspiration.
This is what your heart needs.
Give your life illumination.
This is what your life deserves.

Before I started my aspiration-life
I was a lonely heart.
But now I am
A smiling and dancing world-heart.

As the mouth of my desire-life
Frightens me,
Even so,
The eyes of my aspiration-heart
Strengthen me.

To realise God
In His transcendental Heights,
Each seeker must have
A very long-range

Always supply satisfaction-results.
It may take time, at times,
But the results are unmistakably

Every aspiration-day
Begins with new possibilities.
Every aspiration-day
Ends with new achievements.

Today what I have
Is a tiny aspiration-seed.
Tomorrow what I shall have
Is a powerful developed realisation-blossom.

Let your aspiration-heart
Be enduring.
Your dedication-life will automatically
Be assuring.

How can you lose
In the battlefield of life
If you are already well-acquainted
With the real in you:
Your heart’s aspiration-cry?


My aspiration,
Like God’s Compassion,
Will be eternal, infinite and immortal.

No undivine strength,
No hostile force,
No inconscience-monster
Can slow down the fastest speed
Of our aspiration-dedication-boat
That is arriving at the Golden Shore
Of our Beloved Supreme
At His own choice Hour.

My confusion-mind tells me
That life is nothing
But a dreadful nightmare.
My aspiration-heart tells me
That life can be
A lovely dream.
Why not let me give a chance
To my self-giving heart?

Each aspiration-second
Is a fast God-approaching day.
This is a supreme experience
In a seeker’s life.

Aspiration gradually ascends.
But if you value your aspiration,
Then needless to say
It swiftly ascends.

An unexpected inner cry
Has turned his life’s frustration
Into a most powerful

O world, do not bind me,
Do not blind me!
Just let me return
To my heart’s aspiration-home.


Aspiration is
A consciously widening opportunity
For golden possibilities.

Is our inner urge
To transcend both
The experience and the realisation
Already achieved.

A heart of aspiration
And a mind of determination
Receive special
From God.

Do not allow
Your mind’s clouds
To hover over
Your heart’s aspiration-tree.

If you sincerely dig deep within,
Your heart’s aspiration-spring
Will not be able
To hide anymore.

As long as your heart remains
An ever-mounting aspiration-flame,
It makes no difference
What your weaknesses are.

Aspiration leads man
To God-Consciousness.

Aspiration is a glowing fire
That secretly and sacredly
Uplifts our Consciousness
And finally liberates us.

Aspiration is the endless road
That leads eternally
Toward the ever-transcending Beyond.


We feel a desire
To have God on our side.
But we need the aspiration
To throw ourselves on God’s side.

A life of aspiration
Is a life of peace.

A life of aspiration
Is a life of bliss.

God can be seen
On the strength of our inner cry,
Which we call aspiration,
The mounting flame within us.

When we aspire,
We go far beyond the domain
Of the physical mind
And sit at the Feet of God the Light.

Thirst for the Highest
Is aspiration.

In aspiration
And nowhere else
Dwells man’s  salvation.

A sleepless aspiration-heart
Is God’s endless Satisfaction-Pride.

In order to kindle the flame
Of your aspiration,
Try to feel
That your life is a life of dedication.

Is the soul – awakening.

In the life of aspiration
Two things are of paramount importance:
Will power and prayer.

In its simplest definition,
Is a lovely flame
Climbing Heavenward.

Aspiration is surrender,
And surrender is man’s conscious oneness
With God’s Will.

The life that does not aspire for God-realisation
Is not worth even an empty eggshell.

Aspiration from within
Energises the divine in me.

Search for the source
Of your smile.
You will see that the source
Is God’s own Aspiration-Cry.

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