Aphorisms on Happiness


Today I shall make myself supremely happy.
Like the morning sun,
I shall flood my body with compassion,
I shall flood my vital with concern,
I shall flood my mind with simplicity,
And I shall flood my heart with purity.

My Supreme Lord,
What is the difference
Between happiness and delight?
My child,
Happiness is an experience
And delight is a reality
That transcends the experience.

If you are loyal only to God’s Love,
Then happiness will be your only name
Within, without, below, above.

For a true seeker
There is only one way to be happy:
By pleasing his Beloved Supreme.

I am happy only twice:
Once when I place my loving heart
At the Feet of my Beloved Supreme,
Once when I command my fleeting thoughts
To obey His Will.

From now on
I will have no happiness
Unless I champion the right
To be entirely and constantly
God’s, God’s alone.

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Sri Chinmoy

Photo credit: Kedar



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