Selected Poetry of Sri Chinmoy



Within, without the cosmos wide am I;
In joyful sweep I loose forth and draw back all.
A birthless deathless Spirit that moves and is still
Ever abides within to hear my call.

I who create on earth my joys and doles
To fulfil my matchless quest in all my play,
I veil my face of truth with golden hues
And see the serpent night and python day.

A Consciousness Bliss I feel in each breath;
I am the self amorous child of the Sun.
At will I break and build my symbol sheath
And freely enjoy the world’s unshadowed fun.

– Sri Chinmoy. From My Flute

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Short Poems of Sri Chinmoy

Every time I run away from You
And come back,
I see Your Eyes
More illumining than before.
And I feel Your Heart
More forgiving than before.

– Sri Chinmoy

– From: Selected Flower Flames

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