Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees



Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees

A poetry series by Sri Chinmoy – written between 1998 (part 1)  and (part 50), published in 2009.

Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees vol 1 at Sri Chinmoy Library

Selections from Seventy-Seven Thousand Service Trees

May each thought of mine
Be a reservoir
Of love divine.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 10, #02

The beauty of self-giving
Eventually grows into
The fragrance of God-becoming.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 10, #18

Love expands,
Love magnifies,
Love beautifies
And love unifies
A seeker’s heart.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 2, #96

If you always want to justify
Whatever you do and say,
Then the spiritual life
Is not meant for you.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 2, #74

Truth does not force us,
Truth does not beg us,
Truth just inspires us.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 2, #30

Today my heart and I
Are exceedingly happy,
For we are seeing my mind’s
Losing its altitude very rapidly.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 1, #9

Meditation means
Conversation with silence.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 24, #266

My mind,
Can you not let me go?
Can I not be happy
Once again?

– Sri Chinmoy, part 24, #244

It is true that whatever happens
Is predestined.
It is also true that fate can be changed
By an indomitable will.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 24, #248

Love your friends.
Honour their good qualities.
You will have joy and peace
In boundless measure.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 31, #200

We all need
A meditating mind.
Alas, what we have now
Is only a meddling mind.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 31, #156