Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants

Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants
Part 1 – 270
Published (1983, part 1) to (1998, part 270)
Twenty Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants at Sri Chinmoy Library



Selected poems from Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants

You are not
What others think you are.
You are not
What you claim to be.
Others think of you
As a useless human being.
You claim to be
A perfect human being.
Now I shall tell you
What you actually are.
You are an eternal pilgrim
Walking along the road of aspiration
Toward the destined goal:
And your perfection is another name
For God’s complete Satisfaction.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 1, #44

Do not try to conceal
What your mind has.
You will badly fail.
Try to reveal
What your soul has and is.
You will speedily succeed.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 1, #86

One of my constant problems:
I always think
About others
But never care
For others.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 2, #109


Something has to die immediately
Inside my mind.
Ah, I know what it is!
It is my monster-ego.

Something has to blossom immediately
Inside my life.
Ah, I know what it is!
It is my flower-heart.


– Sri Chinmoy, part 2, #121

Each human being
Has a higher life and a lower life.
The lower life
Is the life of division.
The higher life
Is the life of oneness.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 2, #154

The waves of hatred-night
Can easily be dissolved
In the sea of oneness-love.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 2, #170

Do not allow your mind
To wrestle with uncomely thoughts,
For it will unmistakably fail.
Just ask your heart
To illumine your thought-world.
It will instantly change
The face and fate
Of each and every thought.

– Sri Chinmoy, part 2, #176

Aspiration is not
A small, temporary relief
From human suffering.
It is the only way
To enter into the sea
Of Eternity’s Bliss.

Sri Chinmoy – part 103, #255

Do not give up, do not give up!
Your soul has endless patience.
Listen to your soul’s compassion-whispers.
You will eventually succeed.
Do not give up!

Sri Chinmoy – part 103, #278

Little drops of gratitude-rain
Can liberate the human mind
From all its bondage-chains.

Sri Chinmoy – part 109, #08

Your goal is not here;
It is far beyond.
Do not relax
Or lose your enthusiasm.
God wants you to run
An ultramarathon every day
To reveal the amazing capacity
Of a God-seeker-runner.

– Sri Chinmoy – part 109, #66

Happiness in cheerful self-giving
Is beyond compare.
It is the highest delight
That God has created for humanity.

– Sri Chinmoy – part 109, #74