The Golden Boat


The Golden Boat is a series of 20 volumes of poetry composed by Sri Chinmoy during 1974.

Selections from The Golden Boat

Your unwanted guest

In the past
When God came to you
You were deeply sceptical.

This morning
God came to you again.
You doubted Him openly.

God will come to you
Again and again
Even if you go
To the length of hating Him ruthlessly.

Why? Why?
Poor God cannot dare
To live without you.
You are His Soul.
You are His Goal.
You are His All.

– Sri Chinmoy, #25, The Golden Boat, part 1


O clever tears
Of my eyes,
Stop descending.

O secret tears
Of my heart,
Start ascending.
God is awaiting your great arrival.

O sacred tears
Of my soul,
I love you;
I love you only.

Not because you have the world-treasure,
Not because you are the world-treasure,
But because you have chosen me
As your very own.

– Sri Chinmoy, #4, The Golden Boat, part 2


I saw myself
As nothing,
And beyond that nothing
There was really nothing.
I was proud of my self-discovery.

I see myself
As everything,
And beyond that everything
There is really everything.
I am proud of my God-discovery.

– Sri Chinmoy, #24, The Golden Boat, part 3

Your inner life
Is the island of light.
Your outer life
Is the sunshine of smile.
Your God-life
Is the beginning
Of earth-emancipation

– Sri Chinmoy, #39, The Golden Boat, part 13


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Poetry Volume I

Poetry I is a collection of three significant early poetry series of Sri Chinmoy.

  • The Dance of Life
  • The Wings of Light
  • The Golden Boat

The volume is available through Ganapati Press and retail outlets, such as Amazon.