Poetry about Enthusiasm


breathes in the fragrance
Of God’s Heart-Garden.


Enthusiasm is a divine gift,
And this divine gift  
We get from higher worlds.
Enthusiasm lost,  
Life-satisfaction is lost;
God-perfection in man
Remains a far cry.


Enthusiasm has success
In it
Enthusiasm is progress  
In itself.


Daring enthusiasm and abiding cheerfulness
Can accomplish everything on earth
Without fail.


Is a perfect stranger  
To the present-day world.


Short Talk on Enthusiasm

Question: How can I always have enthusiasm?    

Sri Chinmoy: You can always have enthusiasm by feeling that you are at the foot of a tree. When you look at the tree, you see that the most delicious mangoes, the ripest mangoes, are at the top, so naturally you will start climbing up with enthusiasm. But if you do not see the tree, and if you do not look up and see the flowers and fruits, then you will not have any enthusiasm to climb up.

 Excerpt from Sri Chinmoy Answers, Part 32 by Sri Chinmoy.

Picture by Richard