Devotional Poetry

If there is devotion,
Then if we mispronounce
God’s Name,
He does not mind.


If there is no devotion,
Then no matter how correctly
And how perfectly
We pronounce God’s Name,
He is not satisfied.

– Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 43, Agni Press, 2005. # 42242, 42243



I offered my purest devotion to God.
He accepted my devotion only to increase
Its height and depth in boundless measure.

I offered my surest devotion to man.
He accepted my devotion
Only to criticise and belittle
My sincerity’s heart.

I offered my blue-gold devotion to Heaven.
Heaven accepted my devotion
With a smile, a half-knowing smile.

I offered my devotion to the green-brown earth.
Earth suspected, rejected,
Strangled and buried my devotion-life.

Sri Chinmoy, The Wings Of Light, Part 11, Agni Press, 1974.


How can I know
What God’s Will is?
I can easily know
What God’s Will is
Just by shedding ceaseless tears
At the Feet of God.

– Sri Chinmoy


My Lord,
Love, devotion and surrender
You want me to develop fully.
Please tell me,
Among the three qualities,
Which quality I need first
To please You in Your own Way.
“My child,
Devotion, devotion, devotion!
Devotion is the golden bridge
Between your love and your surrender.”

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 39, Agni Press, 2004.


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