Poetry about Self


My younger self, ego,  
Tells me that I can be happy  
By being separated from the oneness-soul.
My larger self, oneness universal
Tells me that there is no such thing  
As ego-separativity.  
It is all oneness-song,  
I and my older self together shall stay,  
Together shall sing,  
Together shall dance.


Excerpt from Transcendence-Perfection by Sri Chinmoy.

A Self-Invented Self-Portrait

A self-invented self-portrait
Can please neither Heaven nor earth.
It can only please  
The stupidity-unreality.

 Excerpt from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 76 by Sri Chinmoy.



My sweetest Lord Supreme,
Is self-forgetfulness  
A divine blessing  
An animal curse?  

“Self-forgetfulness can never be
A curse.  
It can only be  
A sad experience  
In a seeker’s ever running and
Transcending journey  
To the Beyond.  

The self-forgetfulness of puny ‘i’
Is a blessing supreme indeed,  
As the self-remembrance of the giant ‘I’
Is an unparalleled blessing  
On the seeker’s march along the path
Of reality’s space.  

Forget the sad and the saddening past;  
Remember the illumining  
and the illumined present.  
Accelerate the birth and the life-flow  
Of the fast-approaching future-noon.  

Before the dawn of realisation-height,  
Self-forgetfulness at times saves  
The seeker’s inner sky  
And outer moon.  
After the birth of realisation-height,  
Self-forgetfulness in the heart  
Of a Master divine  
Is the zenith of impossibility remote.”


Do you know  
What God told me the other day?
I am telling you  
In top secrecy.  
If you breathe a word to God
I shall never tell you anything again.
Remember, be careful!  
Needless to say,  
God has shared with me  
Millions of His sacred secrets.
Now I shall share with you  
His first secret:  
At the end of your journey’s close
Your epitaph will read  
‘An unfulfilled tear of God’;  
My epitaph will read  
‘A fulfilled smile of God.’
Remember, be careful!  
If you breathe a word to God  
I shall not share anything else with you;
No, not even the precise hour  
of your God-realisation  
Which God told me  
Only this morning  
In top secrecy.

Excerpt from The Golden Boat, Part 6 by Sri Chinmoy.