Poetry about Jealousy

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There is a way to conquer jealousy.
Take jealousy as a piece of cloth.
Use your utmost power
To tear that piece of cloth
Into hundreds of pieces.
While tearing the piece of cloth,
Just think of all the jealousies you have.
Your jealousy is bound to disappear.


From Seventy Thousand Service Trees
by: Sri Chinmoy


You are my mind’s purity-stealer,
You are my heart’s peace-intruder,
You are my life’s divinity-invader.

From:  My Jealousy Is My Madness-Burden
by Sri Chinmoy.


Are you not ashamed of
Thriving on world-suspicion
For such a long time?

From:  My Jealousy Is My Madness-Burden
by Sri Chinmoy.


Look how excited God is
To come and meet you!
You just say hello to God.
In no time
He will transform you
And make you
His Divinity’s Life,
His Infinity’s Heart
And His Immortality’s Soul.

From:  My Jealousy Is My Madness-Burden
by Sri Chinmoy.


Jealousy is an undivine quality that comes when we separate ourselves from others. The mind tries to feel superior to others. When we see that the capacities of other people far exceeds our then the mind becomes jealous. Jealousy inevitably leads to frustration and unhappiness but often the mind cherishes jealousy out of a feeling of insecurity.

The heart does not suffer from jealousy. If we can use the capacities of the heart then we identify with others success and feel it as our own.

Sri Chinmoy says of Jealousy

” Finally, the real spiritual way to conquer jealousy is to feel that you are one with the person who is the object of your jealousy. For example, if someone is a better actor than you are, feel that it is you who are acting. In this way, you can conquer jealousy and, at the same time, expand your own consciousness.”

From: ‘How To Conquer Jealousy’ by Sri Chinmoy

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