Quotes on Thoughts


“Each good thought
Of mine
Is a rainbow-beauty.”

 – Sri Chinmoy

” Each thought
Is the creator
Of a new experience.”

– Sri Chinmoy
“Sometimes people cherish negative thoughts.
They get a kind of pleasure from them.
They feel that fear, doubt and jealousy are necessary.”

” Each thought has power of its own.
Positive thought has a power and negative thought also has a power.
With positive power we build; with negative power we break.
Each positive thought is creation and each negative thought is destruction.”

” When a negative thought comes, we have to feel that it is a thief.
A negative thought comes in the form of doubt, fear, jealousy, hypocrisy or meanness.
We have to feel that each negative thought has come to commit a theft,
to take something away from our inner life and inner wealth.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Human thoughts drenched his eyes.
Divine thoughts purified his eyes.
Human thoughts drenched his eyes of sleep
Divine thoughts illumined his eyes of dream.
Human thoughts made him feel
His life is a series of frustration-death.
The divine thought made him feel
That his life is an express train
Of measureless length.

– Sri Chinmoy


  • Excerpt from A Soulful Cry Versus A Fruitful Smile by Sri Chinmoy.
  • “Negative Thoughts” – Excerpt from The Soul’s Evolution by Sri Chinmoy.
  • From: Sri Chinmoy Library