Quotes about Character

‘Among the fearless soldiers that fight for your victory in life, character has no equal.

Character is the colossal hope of human improvement within and without. Character is blazing sunshine in the soul’s abode, the body. A perfect society is built upon mutual trust. Character is the source of that trust. Character is just what we inwardly are and outwardly do. The secret of inner success is constancy to our highest character. “

” Character gives the key to open the most beautiful doors of life: Peace of Mind and Delight.’

Sri Chinmoy

‘ Spirituality encompasses everything; therefore, it includes human character, too. To have a good character is to have honesty, simplicity, spontaneity, absence of anger, pride and so forth. When an ordinary human being possesses all these qualities, we call him a man of good character. ‘

  • Sri Chinmoy

‘In the spiritual life good character is of paramount importance. Good character means that life-energy soulful, boundless energy-is operating in and through the seeker. If the seeker does not see the boundless Energy, Peace, Light and Bliss, then how can he remain in his highest consciousness?’

  • Sri Chinmoy

‘Purity and character come simultaneously. If someone has inner purity, then he also has good character. And if there is somebody with good character then he is maintaining in his inner life tremendous purity. Purity is the ladder we climb up in order to reach God’s Abode. If there is no ladder, then how can we climb up?’


  • Excerpt from Flame Waves, Part 6 by Sri Chinmoy.
  • Excerpt from Eternity’s Breath by Sri Chinmoy.