Quotes on Delight


Quotes and Poems – Delight

by: Sri Chinmoy

When I am in my mind,
My mind gives me what it has:
When I am in my heart
My hear gives me what it is:


“Delight is Eternity’s Treasure and Immortality’s Life.
A delightful child may very often lose his life of delightful experience when he grows into an adolescent.
His experience of this kind of delight can be something quite transitory.
But when real divine delight enters into an aspirant, it is an everlasting experience. Now, what is the divine meaning of delight?
The divine meaning of delight is Immortality in one’s entire being.”


My body’s delight
Is my ignorance-sleep.
My vital’s delight    
Is my aggression-sword.
My mind’s delight
Is my suspicion-eye.    
My heart’s delight
Is my oneness-embrace.
My God’s delight
Is the message of
My Self-transcending Beyond.


Delight is our source,
Delight is our course    
Delight is the all-illumining,    
All-fulfilling force    
In us,    
With us    
For us.