Poems on Prayer

My prayer says,
“God, where are You?”
My meditation says,
“God, where are You not?

When I pray, God asks me
To keep my mouth shut
And open my heart.
When I meditate, God sees
That my heart’s door
Is wide open.

I pray
That I may receive
Only God’s Love,
Which the entire world
Can neither give me
Nor take away from me.

“My Lord,
Do show me the way.”
This is a good prayer.

“My Lord,
Do be my Guide.”
This is a better prayer.

“My Lord,
Do manifest Yourself in Your own Way
Through any heart You choose.”
This is by far the best prayer.


Writing on Prayer

by Sri Chinmoy

The human prayer says, “Lord, give me.” The divine prayer says, “Lord, take me.” The supreme prayer says, “Lord, give me, if so is Your Will; take me, if so is Your Will. I have only one message for You: I am all for You, only for You.”Human prayer says, “Lord, give me what You have, and make me happy.” Divine prayer says, “Lord, take me, along with all my possessions, and make me happy.” The supreme prayer says, “Lord, in me and in others, please Yourself only in Your own Way, and thus make me happy.”

Excerpt from ‘A Seeker Is A Singer’ by Sri Chinmoy.


  • Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 57 by Sri Chinmoy
  • My Prayer-Life My Meditation-Heart by Sri Chinmoy.