Poems – Animals

Ant: Glory

Ant, my ant,

In you my heart beholds

The glory of the Supreme.

Tiniest in size, you house the dream

Of the Omnipotent.

To me you are extremely important,

Because you represent

One extremity of God,

His message of smallness;

In another word, His greatness.

– Sri Chinmoy


Bee: Industry

Bee, my bee,

Your day and night

And your patience-industry

Have no respite.

Hard you endeavour

To bring nectar

From the core of your service-tree.

You always don

The robe of fruitful victory.

– Sri Chinmoy


Buffalo: Wisdom

Buffalo, my buffalo,

O bearer of Yamaraj,

King of death,

Your wisdom-sun

Controls humanity’s breath.

You teach the world:

Until Eternity’s Cry is won,

Until Immortality’s Smile is won,

Until earth-pangs and Heaven-Bliss

Are made supremely one,

Nothing is done, nothing is done.

– Sri Chinmoy


Butterfly: Prosperity

Butterfly, my butterfly,

You are the harbinger

Of man’s prosperity-life.

Your sweet arrival

Devours immediately

Man’s ceaseless strife.

– Sri Chinmoy


Dog: Faithfulness

Dog, my dog,

Heaven’s faithfulness


Earth’s faithfulness

Put together

Have no match for your faithfulness.

Man needs your heart to succeed.

God needs your soul to proceed.

– Sri Chinmoy


Tortoise: Immortality

Tortoise, my tortoise,

Your slow, self-controlled


Challenges ignorance-knife

And sows the seeds of immortality

Your universe-surprising Embodied Reality.

– Sri Chinmoy