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5 Jan

“God has infinite children, but the name of His fondest child is Peace.”

– Sri Chinmoy

8 Jan

“Do not go to extremes.
Accept the body
And the five senses.
Only use them spiritually,
Divinely and soulfully.”

– Sri Chinmoy

7 Jan

If you see good qualities in others,
Then claim them as your own,
For who knows when you will find
Those same qualities
In your own nature?

– Sri Chinmoy

6 Jan

I have been loving God unconsciously
For millennia,
But I shall love God consciously
From this moment on.

– Sri Chinmoy

5 Jan

“Devotion is the secret of secrets. It lets you establish the sweetest and the most intimate connection with God, who entirely belongs to you.”

Sri Chinmoy

4 Jan

“If we want to define spiritual wisdom in one short sentence, then we can say that spiritual wisdom is the spontaneous recognition of one’s inner Being, inner Reality.”

– Sri Chinmoy

3 Jan

Faith is wisdom.
Faith is power.
Faith is heart-fragrance.
Faith is the sun-child
Of the Beyond.

– Sri Chinmoy

1 Jan

Happy New Year,
Happy New Year!
Go forward,
Fly upward,
Dive inward!
No fear, no fear!

– Sri Chinmoy

2 Dec

Hope is sweet.
Hope is illumining.
Hope is fulfilling.
Hope can be everlasting.
Therefore, do not give up hope
Even in the sunset of your life.

Sri Chinmoy, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 112, Agni Press, 1987

1 Dec

To create a supreme atmosphere
On earth,
Each human being
Must grow into a soulful prayer
And fruitful meditation.

– Sri Chinmoy

29 Jan

“Divine surrender is the surrender that we make to our own highest part. Each individual has two realities: the higher reality and the lower reality. The lower reality is still unlit, obscure, impure; whereas the higher reality is all divine, all perfection. So we consciously try to bring our lower reality into the higher one for its illumination. This surrender is not made to somebody else, to a third person. No, this surrender is made to one’s own highest self.”

Sri Chinmoy, Inner peace and world peace, Agni Press, 1992

28 Jan

“Without willingness and eagerness,
Spiritual progress
Can never be made.”

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 33, Agni Press, 2003

27 Jan

“If you are sincerely aspiring, you will never expect anything from God, even in your imagination. Your sincere aspiration will tell you that God loves you infinitely more than you can understand, and that God, out of His infinite Love and Compassion, has already provided you with everything.”

Sri Chinmoy, Inner peace and world peace, Agni Press, 1992

25 Jan

“True freedom is not an isolated or independent thing. True freedom is oneness with the Infinite. It cannot operate in isolation, as a separate thing. God is both universal and individual, both unity and multiplicity. Just because we do not feel oneness with others, we do not have true freedom.”

Sri Chinmoy, Inner peace and world peace, Agni Press, 1992

24 Jan

Love is never alone.
Divinity’s blessings
And humanity’s gratitude
Always stay with love.

Sri Chinmoy, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 151, Agni Press, 1991