Miscellaneous poems




May I have a hell experience

The day I speak ill of others.

May I have a Heaven experience

The day my mind is empty of thought.




I love my heart-whispers,

I really do.




Life has no dead end.

Life carries the promise

Of endless progress-delight.




All that lives is my heart’s beauty.

All that dies is my mind’s ugliness.




My hope-heart starts.

My promise-breath completes.




O my mind-doubts,

I shall not cherish you any more.

You must leave me alone.

O my heart-fears,

I shall not shelter you any more.

You must leave me alone.

O my life-weaknesses,

I shall not carry you any more.

You must leave me alone.




In the morning I sing

With the blissfully ascending waves

Of my heart-sea.

In the evening I sing

With the peacefully descending waves

Of my heart-sea.




The unaspiring mind-land

Is a dangerous place.




My outer journey feeds my eyes.

My inner journey feeds my heart.




Destroy I must my old mind-cage.

Destroy I must my strong earth-bondage.




I must hide and hide

The day I lose my faith in myself.



Poems from the Enthusiasm Songbook, part 5, by Sri Chinmoy