Forgiveness and Friendship



Forgive your friends. They will love infinitely more.

- Sri Chinmoy


Friendship and forgiveness must always run abreast.
The death of forgiveness compels the death of friendship.
We must feed our friendship with forgiveness,
and thus alone can we cherish a friendship
that will fail to close its eyes even for a brief second.

 by Sri Chinmoy (1)

Friendship is based on forgiveness.
Today if your friend has done something wrong,
you have to forgive her immediately by thinking that you could have made the same mistake.
If she has been nasty to you today, you have to forgive her immediately.
Tomorrow you may be in the same position – you could be nasty to her.
So if you forgive her when she is nasty, then if a day comes when you are equally nasty, she will forgive you.
Good qualities eventually come for ward. Good qualities will not remain dormant forever and forever.

 by Sri Chinmoy. (2)

Real forgiveness
Does not remember the past

- Sri Chinmoy


(1) Excerpt from Flame-Goal

(2) Excerpt from Sri Chinmoy Answers, Part 24